Last summer there was this tragedy that hit us big time. That was the parvo. I will never forget that nightmare. As the situation was at its worse there was this one puppy that gave me power and healing energy more than anyone else. Here I introduce you some special lady that was so close to death as few months old puppy. She slept in my bed with her brother. I was so sure one night that she can not be saved. Miracle happend and she did survive and she has turned out something very special….

Her name is Laura and she has the biggest heart in the world. After fighting those endless days and nights she did it. She started to feel better and the day I lost her brother… I was so tired and I felt there really is no hope. The very same day Laura became better and better. Already in the evening I knew she will make it. She started to give back energy and love – oxytocine (that magical canine – human hormon). Her touch had so much healing power and I knew there is hope.

Chic Choix Dhulert Antiope is her name and still today we share special connection with her and she is the most elegant sensitive lady in the world. She is one of the most delicate and sensitive dogs I have ever known. She is one of these dogs that is a real soul mate. I have never met mentally finer dog that she is. She is real unique and once in a life time dogs. We really grew together helping each others about year ago. Thank you Laura – you are very very special.

Now she is grown up and turning out to be a real swan also otherwise. Now you all can see what has she become….but is the soul of Laura that is really the best.

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