1. I try to be more positive and good human being – giving more positive feed back than ever in home, hobbies, every day life & work.
  2. I try to love more.
  3. I will listen inner me more than before – following & building inspiration.
  4. There will be couple dreams that I will fullfill for sure during 2017
  5. I will learn some new skills next year.
  6. I will publish a book about dog breeding (in Finnish) 2017.
  7. Some of my priorities will change next Year – there will be more time for my family, dogs ( & dog breeding) and relaxation.
  8. Joie de vivre will be still my motto and I try to live joyful life and enjoy every minute of it.
  9. I still take reasonable care of my health & weight.
  10. “I will smile, stop & smell the roses more” , try to be childish quite often and took couple of pictures of these moments aswell.




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