One of my biggest secrets in dog breeding and life in general has been the idea taking a distance in regularly. Everyday routines take over very easily. Middle of all that you really can´t see the important changes needed to be done. Taking a distance, relaxing for a while and cutting all the routines give you a new perspective. That also can give you the extra energy that you need as making small or big changes. Being a breeder it is a must to develop constantly. I believe one of the best ways to do it all is taking a vacation and fly far a way from your everyday routines. This way you can see your dogs, pedigrees and all the routines in life in much larger perspective. As they say you must go far to see near.

Dog breeders need lot of inspiration. Where do you find that? Inspiration is about taking care of your creativity. How do you take care of your creativity. I know a simple answer. You do take care of your creativity by taking care of yourself and enjoying the life fully. Dog breeder´s easily forget the importance of taking care of themselves. It is just dogs ,dogs and dogs. In the end of the day that is not even good for the dogs. Take a distance and load your batteries. This way you will have more to offer for your dogs and breeding.

Personal happiness and relationships are something that people should respect a lot. We dog breeder´s easily forget the needs of rest of the family. Taking care of the personal relationship is actually taking care of yourself aswell. I feel it is important you stop every now and then and think what is the direction of your life. It can be a smart idea to do it together. As together you are much stronger than being alone. I feel you can easily say go far to see near is also smart in personal relationships. All the suddenly you may remember what it was you really loved about this person.

I am working as a special teacher. In nursing work it is most vital thing to stay a way from the patients every now and then. It is a known fact that if you do not do that you can easily start to get fed up with your patients. You get easily tired and burnt out.  Very often if there is not needed breaks you can start to treat your patients badly. In worse cases that can be even brutal or violent behavior toward your patients. I think taking care of the  large number of dogs is really kind of nursing work aswell. Therefore every breeder should be able to take the vacation and distance from their dogs every now and then. If that is a must in every other nursing job, why would dog breeding be any different from that. Taking care of the dogs is very much 24/24 and 7/7 type of work or way of life.

Taking a distance must not be going overseas. The distance can be what ever enjoyable activity outside of your everyday life. The main thing is that you have opprtunity to have a rest and enjoy.

All the big and important steps in life take courage. I can see the steps I need to do in life and breeding from the distance much clearer than in the middle of it. Therefore I think many people should try the strategy go far to see near. That method really can be superior way to shape reality all over again. Have you ever tried to plan pedigrees under the palm tree? If you have not done it. I can insure you it will be worth the try. I see my dogs and pedigrees so much better after going far. Who ever said: Go far to see near was so very right.

Dog breeder´s should be able to have a break every now and then. Taking care of the dogs is 24/24 and 7/7 job. Therefore the vacation every now and then is a must. The distance can also offer you new healthy perspective. Go far to see near is so right. Inspiration in life is so important and often the easiest way to find that is far a way.

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