I often wonder why do not people pay more attention to colours. I do think that makes the picture perfect. It is really icing of the cake. Breeds with multiple colors I think it is breeder´s responsibility to save and keep the colors in the breed. Fashion trends should not take over. On the other hand I think developing new colors to old breeds is not needed. I love fresh good colors and I do want to pay attention about what colors I a breeding.

Color is also very easy way to keep on track on different traditions within the breed. Often sudden colors come with certain other qualities as these colors are coming from certain lines and certain dogs. I want to save that variation and I do love to breed several colors. However I want these color be clear and beautiful.

Often I feel colors should not be just surprises but breeders should pay attention to the quality of the colors they are producing. Part of the color scheme is the pigmentation. I personally hate weak pigmentation. I do not keep dogs with weak pigmentation in my breeding program. Why would I? Soon yellow light terrible eyes and pink noses are taking over. I have seen it happening with certain breeders and certain breeds too many times.

As I began my very first lowchen had light eyes.  One old time breeder judge (different breed) told me : Don´t even start breeding from a such bitch as that will then run in your becoming line forever. I didn´t and I am glad I did not start my breeding with yellow eyes. Soon later another breeder that I respected a lot told me back 1982 that difference between amateur breeder and really talent is that small details and big details like color and coat texture are taken care of. I decided 30 years ago I will try to take care of those issues coloring and coat textures.

It takes lot of reading and it takes lot questions and studies to “take colors” under control (well as much as it is possible). However now 30 years later I a so glad I decided from the very beginning to pay lot of attention to colors, pigmentation and coat textures. It really had paid of and believe me the color makes picture perfect.

Colorful weekend to you all.¨

One of my all time favorite lowchens. It took me 17 years to breed this color and 2002 she was born. As 1995 I decided I will breed this all white lowchen….Here is Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Gabriella Daxar still going storng. Thank you Minna  taking such a great care of your princess.

Multiple BEST in SHOW winning Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Parti Dude born 1994 was dog with clever color. Here is he in gentle fall athmosphere.


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