I was watching very interesting documentary of elderly New York style icons. The film told about elderly ladies who loved fashion and style. These people were 60 to 100 of age and they all had passion for style. This film told such an important message. Passion and insipiration is beautiful. People with sparkle in their eyes have so much more energy than the rest. This is very much also the case with dog breeding. I do believe the breeder´s should have passion and inspiration in their breeding. This mean the work is done fully. Highly inspirational people use “maximum” amount of brains and heart about what they are doing. 

Dog breeding is alike creative fashion. It offers a great way to use both sides of the brains. Using left and right side  at the same time is great way to take care of your brains and mental wellbeing. Passionate and inspirational people are lucky. They give and take so much. Talented breeder must study a lot. Dog breeding is rational. But talented breeder must also be an artist. Real talent in dog breeding is being rational and creative at the very same time. This requires passion and inspiration.

The outcome of job well done is healthy, vital and beautiful pedigree dog. This charismatic pedigree dog presents talented breeder´s vision of the breed. The breed again present something old that is connected with culture. Therefore breeder can study always more and be more and more creative. Every generation offers new perspectives.

Passionate and inspirational breeder who have produced generations of healthy and  beutiful dogs over the decades have so much to tell. These people have so often burning passion in their heart. They have so much inspiration in their life and their eyes are like shining diamonds as telling the stories of their breed. These people are lucky really. How lucky are we who have also learned to know this kind of people? They give inspiration and share so much knowledge if people are smart enough to listen.

I want to thank all my inspirational and passionate menthors over the decade for being such a great role models.

Burning passion and inspiration makes life & breeding so much better. Happy and inspirational breeder can breed better dogs. This inspiration is also something that goes around. Good people will come to you.



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