As a child I spent all my summers in a lakeside at our summer house with my family. There our neighbor had st.bernhards. I loved those dogs and they were magical magnificent giant dogs with gentle hearts. As a child I was dreaming that one day I will have a dog like that.

I had to wait that moment almost 35 years. I had plenty of time to plan where to get my st.bernhard. I loved st.bernhards in Norway and I respect Bernegårdens st.bernhards so much. Britt Halvorsen have done a great job with these dogs and I decided I want my st.bernhard from her.

I was waiting for a while the right puppy and Britt told me bit later
that now there would be very special smooth female puppy. Fall 2009 I finally got Bernegårdens Baltic Sunrise. She was so well developed and well balanced. I liked her short cobby body and her magnificent head. We call her Evelina. Her temperament is really everything we were looking for. She is brave secure dog and so sweet with our smaller dogs.

She has developed well and has not had a bad moment in her life. She grew slowly and surely. All this time she has moved perfectly and carried herself for perfection. Her head is a masterpiece and she really has been st.bernhard worth waiting for.

Here Evelina is 12 months of age. We start to show her later 2011 as she is matured. She is really a darling and we love our daily trips and
summer pic-nics to near by forests and rocks with her and rest of our big dogs.

Here is Evelina all matured up. She is here as 4 years of age Fin & Swe & Norw Ch Bernegårdens Baltic Sunrise

Here she is in action.