Skye terrier was a love of my mother. We followed the breed over the years and over 25 years we were planning to have one. My mother all ways said she will have skye terrier when she is very old. As my mother past a way in car accident I decided I have to make my move so I can have one before it is too late.

I knew right a way where I would have my special skye terrier. I had followed development of this Finish skye terrier bitch line for years. There was generations and generations solid top quality females generation after generation. Family Dahlbom with their Finnsky skye terriers had world class skyes for decades.

First bitch that I remember from them was Int & Multi CH Finnsky Glacier who is actually grand-grand-grand-grand mother of my very first skye terrier. Glacier was mated with Multi BIS Int & Multi Ch Rannoch Skye Superstar a stunning cream male that I allways remember was winning Champion & Champions/ Veteren & veterans gala long time ago. That litter produced to Finnsky legendary litter. There were legendary skyes like Multi BIS Int Ch Finnsky Oliwer and Int Ch Finnsky Odette. Odette was mated with great dog with plenty of style. This English dog was living in Sweden.This dog GB Ch Elissa´s Alexander was coming down from legendary Olivia lines. This litter produced female simply dream come true. She is perhaps breeds all time top winning female ever namely legendary Multi BIS & BISS Int CH Finnsky Tazzee.

As I decided to have a skye terrier I made up that my skye must come down directly from her – no one else will do. Seeing this legendary bitch Tazzee with her talented owner handler, daughter of Thea and late Rolf Dahlbom´s Mrs. Carina Kitti was simply something I will remember rest of my life. They were simply picture perfect.

Tazzee was great producer and as she was mated with English imported dog BISS & Multi BIG-winning Int Ch Mariquita Flashxlucive (who was actually son of Tazzee litterbrother GB Ch Finnsky Team Work at Mariquita it produced very nice female Int & Multi Ch
Finnsky Blackrose. This beautiful female was tightly line bred to
Dahlbom´s very best. Blackrose was later mated with American import Fin Ch Gleantann Gotwhatittakes. He was again from halfbrother/sister mating to Multi BIG-win. Int Ch Mariquita Flashxlucive (Tazzee fullbrother´s son). That linebreeding to legendary Finnsky T-litter produced very nice female Int Ch Finnsky Empathy.

Later Dahlboms imported together with Hanna Granlund stunning
male from legendary Olivia kennel from USA bred by skye legend Olga Smid. Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch Olivia Spirit of The American Idol aka Simo is legendary dog with unreal show results. His pedigree is something I adore. His sire being Ch Dust In The Wind of Morningsky bred in Germany by another legendary kennel of Morningsky. Mother´s side is coming from straight Olivia breeding. Behind her there is two of my alltime Oivia favourites Am Ch Olivia Mandolin Wind and Am Ch Olivia Jazzibella. Finally there was dream come true combination Empathy was mated with Simo.

Empathy got a nice size litter with Simo. Dahlboms were friends of mine and they promised I could have a girl from this ideal breeding. After waiting some 20 years my dream came tru and I got my very first own skye. She is Finnsky Krystal later became BIG-pl. Multi Ch Finnsky Krystal aka Vera. I love her great personality. She is everything I was looking for a skye. She has one of the best fronts I ve seen with this breed and she has wonderful laid back smooth shoulders. She has very good front legs and she has plenty of neck. She does move nicely and she has 100 % straight top line. She is well angulated behind and she has unique coat texture so easy to maintain.

Fin & N & S & Est Ch FINNSKY KRYSTAL (as junior)

She was bred with unique male Multi BIS Int Ch Finnsky Fireball who is daughter of stunning female Int Ch Olivia Original Sensation. I thought Fireball would be perfect male for Krystal. He have also 100 % straight nice topline. I love his temperament. He is really intelligent yet outgoing skye and he has very nice movement.


Fireball mated Krystal and that produced my very first own skye terrier litter Chic Choix St. Alba Ambassador, St. Alba Aristocrat, St. Alba The Avenger and a girl St. Alba Ambition. This litter is smoothly linebred to my all time Olivia favourites and to Finnsky bitchline. I am so proud to carry on the tradition and I am ever so grateful to all help and adwise from Thea & late Rolf Dahlbom and their daughter Carina Kitti for all their help and friendship.

CHIC CHOIX ST ALBA AMBASSADOR “Basso” 3 months of age

CHIC CHOIX ST ALBA AMBITION “Nessie” also 3 months of age

All four from our A-litter

I am so happy to have few skyes now in my household from the very best. These people not only have bred great dogs but they are people I respect. Late Rolf Dahlbom was a true gentleman that I will remember rest of my life. We worked in same board for few years. I learned something very special from him as human being. I m so glad the skyes I have is coming from his family.