I have always admired bernese mountain dogs. Our very first dog was a tri color collie back in 60´s and she was impressive dog. For some reason bernese mountain dog reminded me of my hero dog that I spent childhood with.

Much later I was travelling in Latvia. These times things were still
bit unsettled over there but we did show our dogs there no matter what. We were driving with a big car toward the dog show. All the suddenly the traffic stopped and we could not move anywhere. Behind us there was a big black Mercedes with black windows. In a heart beat couple men with leather jacket came from that car toward our car and we could see their intention were not friendly but quite the opposite. As these mafioso reached our car I was to see something very unique.

We had a massive bernese mountain dog male in our car. We were showing him. I loved this soft, super sweet giant with gentle heart…. In few seconds in very painful situation this wonderful male jumped from back of the car toward open window. He started to protect us with very power full and dominant way. He was showing his teeth, noise was huge and he was ready to attack unfriendly mafiosos… They were very afraid and panic. They did run back to their car in a heart beat. This bernese male saved us and since that moment this breed was my hero.

Our dear BERTTA

I knew I will have one clear day bernese mountain dog by myself. This temperament was so unique. Truly perfect dog with perfect family companion qualities yet there is this true original dog under this soft teddy bear if needed. Needless to say I think bernese mountain dogs are so beautiful also.

I started to keep my eyes open for good bernese. Few years later I was judging in Norway and my ring assistant was Gro Solberg who is famous bernese breeder with av Hiselfoss prefix. As I met her I knew she is a lady with high principles and she love the breed dearly. She had a legendary bitch Int & Multi Ch Enslige Evelina av Hiselfoss. This top winning female was also top producer. After I studied more I knew I want to have her daughter from Gro.


This magnificent female was bred to famous top winner BIS Int & Multi Ch Ola Odelsgutt av Hiselfoss. I was so happy to have a very nice female from this litter. Xante Xtravaganza av Hiselfoss moved to Finland. She has been everything I wished for. She has temperament and mentally she is to die for. She loves everybody yet if ever needed she is true guard and highly intelligent lady. She has head and face to die for. She moves like her stunning father and our Bertta is such an important part of our family. She always socialize my small puppies as she is such a great role model. Because of her my small dogs are never afraid of big dogs as they leave our house.

Later I wanted to have another bernese because our first was such a
magnificent personality. I absolutely wanted to have my another bernese from the same mother famous Int & Multi Ch Enslige Evelina av Hiselfoss. Without a doubt this impressive female is my hero. I also loved her charismatic temperament.


It would be time for Gro to breed Evelina for last time. She was bred to Multi Ch Lille Frodo av Hiselfoss and from that mating I got another nice female Bella Clara Bernstamm av Hiselfoss. We have been so happy and proud about her aswell. She has also super temperament and she do look very nice indeed.

We are so happy to have these two great bernese girls from Gro Solberg and we can´t thank her enough as these dogs have been just what we were looking for and more. They are sweet personalities that we can trust 100 % in every situation. If ever needed in real life they protect and act like true bernese should. We are so happy to see this kind of unspoilt well socialized dogs still are out there. Both our girls are lively and full of spirit. They are outgoing happy personalities active yet smart and sweet. They love the life. They both are nice classical bernese and they both have the great tradition in their genes as they come down from legendary bitch line and are daughters of late legendary Int Ch Enslige Evelina av Hiselfoss.


We may breed litter every now and then as we want to have great bernese as Bertta and Clara by ourselves. However our top priority is the magnificent temperament of the breed. We love active, smart bernese with strong mentality and temperament is without a doubt the most important thing with our bernese. We try to protect and continue this unique heritage we got from Gro and Enslige Evelina. If you ever have met my Bertta and Clara in our house or in our everyday walking trips to near by forest you would know what do I mean about. Bernese can be such an unspoilt natural breed with so many charismatic breed details.

Over all health and vitality is also very important. We love active bernese that want to do things. Together with these most important facts we try to see that our dogs would be as good movers as ever possible and that they would look like classical sound natural bernese. We do not like over done bernese. I work as a special teacher and my dogs also work with me as therapy dogs. They visit the school every now and then. They are the best possible companions and teachers with children and young people. These great dogs have so much to offer and we want to keep it that way.