In the world of pedigree dogs there has always been hyenas. These are the people who complain, point fingers and are often poisoning the air big time. These hyenas usually pretend to be Saints themselves. Unfortunately they forgot that Saints do not throw the first stone. Hyenas normally are not doing anything great in this hobby but they sure hate the ones that do. People respect the Saints but int the end of the day spite hyenas. How to recognize a hobby hyena? Make sure you do not turn out to be one.

1. Hyenas need targets (dogs, judges, breeders, handlers) to keep their focus out side of their own personal life or failure in hobby. These people are especially interested of winning people and dogs.

2. Hyenas love to criticise. They do not do it face to face though. Own life is not perfect and many times it is very boring. Keeping the focus in other people´s life and dogs is a sort of entertainment.

3. Hyenas love facebook, chats and Internet. There they can be big. But in real life they tend to be very grey and a “wall flower” alike.  In real life they are not center of attraction, quite the opposite. But in Internet they are.

4. Hyenas love other people making mistakes. Suddenly this bring more joy than own marriage or personal relationships. By the way I have found out over the years that most of the hobby hyenas are not happily married.

5. Many of the hyenas never did anything special with this hobby. But they sure would love to do so…. These hyenas very often keep telling how little the wining means for them. Very often they keep telling why other people win because of the face or politics.

6. Hyenas think they are the most honest people in the world. Funny enough they often must repeat that in public or in print.

7. Hyenas keep ears and eyes open for gossips. They do love to the gossips. They have not heard the story of three wise monkies or have not learned anything about it.

8. Hobby hyenas are the ones who throw the first stone. After first hyena has done it other hyenas love to follow. Hyenas often love the company of other hyenas. Hyenas also love the company of other weak people. Judging is much easier for them than understanding.

9. Hyenas are not often very popular in real life. This often brings in the bitterness that can be seen and heard.

10. In the end of the day hyenas are lonely. They are out in the dark screaming.

Hyenas in Africa are important. Hyenas in dog world are quite the opposite. There is one thing in common: they are not popular. How to recognize a hyena in the dog world?

Masai Mara 2013 Small 10 4

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