In good quality dog breeding one of the biggest issues is to be clever enough not to use sudden dogs in breeding. I feel the biggest mistake in breeding in many breeds has been to use totally worthless dogs in breeding. Think about those first dogs in your breed with hearth issues or with epilepsy. What if they would never have had any puppies? Because of lack of morality these dogs have “poisoned” many pedigrees. What if the owners would have told they got this issue and nobody would have not continued to breed with their puppies. So many breeds would be healthier and better. I wish more breeders would have real principles that they really follow. I do feel every breeder should have an idea what are the qualities that makes a dog worthless in breeding programme. Here I do tell my principles. These are the qualities and problems I do not ascept at all in breeding no matter how good the dog would be otherwise. With hips or eyes I could do compromise – but not with following matters. 

  1. THYROID PROBLEMS are always like tip of the iceberg. Stay away from those dogs.
  2. NERVOUS DOGS suffer everyday and to live with them is pain. Once you mix in nervous dogs in your breeding programme.  Nervous dogs keep pumping in next generations.
  3. HEART PROBLEMS include ofcourse all sort of issues. Still I am very black & white with heart issues. Any abnormality is no no for me. What if every breeder would have done the same? I do believe in many breeds the situation would be much better today.
  4. EPILEPSY run a way from these dogs as fast as you can…..
  5. ALLERGIES & HOTSPOTS  are alarm signs of immunium problems going wrong. Don´t risk it.
  6. DOGS WHO CAN´T MATE OR GIVE A BIRTH THEMSELVES are unnatural and not at all what mother nature wants them to be. Every one can understand that. If you can´t – the game is lost.
  7. DOGS WHO DO NOT LEARN TO BE HOUSEBROKEN makes life hard. Who wants to live with dirty & stupid dogs? When a dog do not learn to be housebroken something else is wrong too.
  8. ANORECTIC OR DOGS WITH VERY WEAK APPETITE is a natural freak. Happy and healthy dog do wanna eat. Canis lupus familaris foundation from the very beginning is build on healhty appetite. They ate all they could and modern dogs still would be about the same.
  9. EFFECTIVE METABOLISM IN DOGS is a must. Canis lupus familaris success story is based on this. Vital and healthy dogs should gain body quite easily – if they do not. It is always a sign something is getting wrong. I really do not care what it is, but they are not my cup of tea.
  10. BULLIED PUPPIES OR SHY INDIVIDUAL is not crown of the population. Breeding in all animals is ment for the strongest and most vital ones. Stay a way from bullied puppies and shy individuals as they are most likely not the crown of their population. If the whole breed is shy – chance the breed.

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