1. You love and respect animals for some reason specially the dogs.
  2. You fall in love with some particular breed or breeds. 
  3. You can´t get enough about the breed´s history. You study it with burning passion.
  4. This breed temperament is ment for you. They are like your soulmates in animal world. 
  5. The look of this breeds interests you so much. You think they are very beautiful.
  6.  You want more of these dogs to share your life with. You also have extra space to share your life with them or you will fix it. Sooner or later you end up living out in the bushes anyway. That is not so bad. 
  7. You do have that extra energy to give for your dogs and breed you are breeding in general. 
  8. You can read, write and learn. You are willing to listen and respect the past. 
  9. You still have your own vision how to save the breed. You have own ideas how to breed them to keep them healhty and well in this moment of time and in the future. 
  10. You are “a bit grazy.” You want to live life your own way. Dogs are very important part of your life.

Think twice before you start to breed dogs. However if the reasons are there and you have the passion. Go for it. 

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