Here are 10 very good tips for healthy pregnancy. Keep these things in mind before you mate your bitch and make sure you take care of these matters after the breeding. Before you mate your female make sure  she is in good mental & phusical condition. She should have rather bit more weight than too little.  Take care of the deworming before the preganancy not during the pregnancy. Make sure the stud dog and your female has the connection, pheromones are working and the breeding is easy. If your female is not free willingly acsepting the stud dog – something is wrong. 

Breeder´s time and motivation is evertything in dog breeding. You need to do your very best before the mating, during the pregnancy and as after the puppies are born. There is so much you can do for well being of your future mum and puppies already before the puppies are even born. The key is you must love about what you are doing and you can be sure the love comes back to you. 

1.Home coming and the very first days after the mating are critical. Newly mated females should not meet any kind of stress or pressure soon after the mating. Good matings and breedings can be easily wasted by sudden stress and female fights are fatal for pregnancy.

2.Make sure that the dominant alpha females are not around you younger mated females. Your dominant females most likely do not want weaker ones to have puppies. You often can´t see the tension and what is happening between the females in hierarchy – but your sensitive newly bred female suddenly can.

3.Stress is number one enemy during the healthy pregnancy. Cortisol do effect the mother and fetus more than you think.

4.Make sure your pregnant female gets as much oxytocin during the preganancy as simply possiple. This is easiest if you spent lot of private quality time with your mother to be. Rub and cherish the female stomach as much as possiple. They do love it and do produce lot of oxytocin which stop the roduction of cortisol. Do remember oxytocin effects positively mother and fetus.

5.Feed your female well with good quality food. Healthy female knows quite well what does she need. After first weeks do feed your female atleast twice a day.
6.Keep your pregnant female in good physical & metal condition. They can move quite a lot just make sure there will not be fights with other dogs and keep your female safe from outside dog contacts (and possiple diseases and parasites). Play with her a lot to produce oxytocin and building up trust and good connection with your mother to be.

7.After the first half of the pregnancy make your home safe zone for the mum and becoming puppies. Do not take outsde home dogs to your home if not a must. Start making all ready for the birth and puppies. Where does the whelping happens? Make sure you have all you need before the whelping. Do the possiple trimming well before the whelping so all is ready as the puppies do come.

8. Most important thing is that you have a safe, quiet and peaceful place for the bitch to give a birth and puppies to grow their first weeks.
9.Make sure before hand that you have a plan B if something goes wrong. Do have some money ready if emergency help is needed. Make sure that you have trustworthy veterinary help available 24/24 and 7/7 if help is needed in the moment of whelping. This makes you feel confident and you must be calm and well prepaired as puppies are born.

10. Make sure you do have lot of time available for your preganant female and becoming puppies. Time. love and good care takes time & energy. The best possiple outcome is if you are excited and motivated with the litter. All energy and love comes back to you with healty & happy puppies if you did your share perfectly.

Our pregnant girls feeling happy and relaxed after daily “oxytocin bath” in daddy´s lap. Oxytocin is a great hormone that does lot of good for a preganant females and dogs in general.

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